So after a weekend of nightmarishness and a week full of work and nonsense, I finally finished the audio of my project. GarageBand is pretty awesome when it comes to working the magic of sound effects, though I think my biggest issue was the sound of my computer’s fan coming on and whining loud and obnoxiously while I tried to create a mood. The overall quality of the piece is okay, I think, though the video portion became too much of an albatross to carry on this way. I may borrow my cousins computer (as he has more RAM) just so I can run the damn iMovie program without crashing my computer.

So, here it is. I hope you enjoy it. It’s taken me waay too much time to do this, so I think the next time I do it (oh, and there WILL be a next time), I’m going to get someone to help me who likes to fiddle with sound. This was fun, but exhausting trying to find free noises to add to the track (not to mention a microphone so I don’t have to speak over my computer straining to work). With any luck, the next one will be better.


PS: This story has been uploaded 6+ times on Soundcloud, but through some miscommunication between my computer and Soundcloud, it has failed EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. One more try and then we’ll see what we can do.



So after a short discussion, I think it will actually be more feasible for me to video the drawings, as zooming in and scrolling through scanned pictures might be more difficult than previously thought. Also, I think I may have over estimated any artistic talent I have. I have a few crude drawings that may possibly convey the situations described, but I don’t know how good they are. I have a particularly annoying eye for perfection in my drawings, so I may try again a bit later today to get a little more stylistic drawings together as the zombies I’ve drawn are passable but are a little more sharp-edged than the other, more atmospheric drawings, not to mention the more detail I have the more it’ll be obvious I’m not the best artist.

I took some video of the pictures, though I haven’t looked at the footage yet I’m worried about focus/blurriness since it’s not the best camera in the world. That and the zoom isn’t exactly smooth (read: not at all).  I may be able to fix that (well, the zoom anyhow) in iMovie, I will have to investigate that. Depending on how that goes we’ll see how royally screwed I am.

Not in over my head yet, but I’ve been working on this thing for two hours so far today, so I’m going to break for a bit and do something else and see what I can do.

Taken from the "Group Study Area"

Cook/Douglass seriously is the prettiest campus. The buildings are ugly, but c'mon, if it was perfect it wouldn't be Rutgers.

PS: Douglas Library is very warm and it makes me tired, though the view is pretty awesome.

PPS: Listening to the Garden State soundtrack doesn’t help with the being tired part (Mastadon keeps me up, but isn’t very…um. Well, it’s Mastadon.)

PPPS: My camera apparently thinks it’s 1am.

PPPPS: Postscripts are addictive.


PPPPPPS: I’ve edited this post too many times to count for addendum after addendum. This was only one of them.

The Story Itself

So here’s the story I wrote that I want to base this project upon. It’s a dark little story that I still have fun reading, so it’s one of my favorites. I Have been working on the breakdown of pictures/shots that I want. I hope I can implement them. I’m beginning to worry if I can do this the way I want to with Scans [or if I’ll even have time]. If it becomes impossible, then I can video the pictures with my camera–it may be pretty ghetto-looking though, so that is NOT the plan for now, but may be plan B if it comes to a time crunch.


Welcome/Overview of projected tasks/issues

So here we are, the blog about my final project in Creativity and Expression. My basic plan for this rig is to publish a story of mine from back in the day (“The Crawlspace”–hence the title) in an audio format with a Ken Burns-style picture narrative. The only issues I have with this is that the project is due in two weeks and I have a ton of work to do. So far, this is the breakdown of what I need to do to get this project out the way I want it:


  1. I need the audio of the story recorded. The thing is about 5 pages single-spaced, so I may need to edit some things out so it’s not 4 hours long, but I’m not sure how long it’ll be once recorded.  This will take some time but shouldn’t be too difficult. I’ll need to
  • Actually recording the audio
  • Sound Effects for the story
  • Music? I’m not sure whether or not to have actual songs (thugh I’ll probably need some mood stuff for the background. Orchestral BS more than likely).

2. I need to draw the illustrations I want to have in the video/story thing. This will probably take the most time, or not. Depends on how prepared I am when I start drawing.

  • I’ll need to actually storyboard the thing/draw the parts I want represented visually
  • I’ll need to scan these parts

3.  Combine the two (in iMovie, probably) and get it to look like I know what I’m doing.  This will probably be the most difficult to figure out, but take the least time.


I am also going to have to present something next Tuesday about this thing, and I don’t know where I’ll be by then. With any luck I’ll have at least a few pictures and the entire audio fixed up. Actually, being the time-crunch, I’ll have to have this stuff done, just so I have SOMETHING to present. Yay for end-of-the-semester craziness!